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  • Employment in Hong Kong after moved to UK from Oct to Dec 2020.

    Hi, I have moved from HK to UK on 9th October 2020. After moving to UK, I still working for the organisation in HK as an employee until the end of Dec 2020. Then I am working as a freelancer with the same organisation starting from 1st Jan 2021. I have some questions. In the self-assessment tax return, session Tailor your return Page 1. In the tax year 6 April 2020 to 5 April 2021: Were you an employee (or director or office holder) or agency worker in the year to 5 April 2021? (In my situation what should I choose? Yes or No?) As my employer is in HK and they haven't office in UK and haven't taken off any Tax in UK. If the answer is yes, In the session of Fill in your return, how can I fill in the Employer's PAYE Reference? (e.g None?) And in the field of UK tax taken off xxx pay: Can I enter Zero? Or do I just need to fill in the foreign income for the income from my employment between 9th Oct 2020 to 31st Dec 2020 and the freelancer income? Thanks for your advice. 
  • Allowable expense claim of working from home as freelancer in UK for foreign organisation.

    Hi, I want to clarify what is the allowable expense claim of working from home as a freelancer in UK for a foreign organisation in Hong Kong? I rented a property with two bedrooms apartment with my wife and son. So, can I claim the rental fees as expenses through self-assessment tax return? In my case the monthly rental fee is 1,200, my rental property has three rooms(two bedrooms and one living room) And I have worked from Monday to Friday 6am-2:30pm (8.5 hours per day, 42.5 hours per week and 170 hours per month) So, can I claim the rental fees as 1,200/3 =400 per month as expenses? And the electricity bills also can be claimed as expenses in the same way? (e.g. 60 per month and claim 60/3 = 20 per month for expenses claim) Thanks for your advice. Best regards, Enoch