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  • RE: AirBnB rental income

    Hi, I'm not HMRC Admin but rent a room relief won't be available in the situation you describe. In order for rent a room relief to apply, it would need to be your only or main residence for at least some of the period the property is let. If you're renting out the whole property and residing elsewhere then the temporary accommodation would be your residence for the letting period, not the property being let.
  • RE: CGT- Dependant relative occupied pre 5 April 1988

    I'm not a HMRC Admin but unfortunately not. The relief doesn't apply to any property acquired after that date and only applies to properties acquired prior to that date if the relevant conditions are met.
  • RE: CGT - Beneficial Ownership

    I am not HMRC Admin, but you may find these pages useful.
  • RE: Sole Trader - Expenses owed to the owner

    Hi, I'm not a HMRC Admin but I am an accountant. There is no reimbursement possible if you are a sole trader. You and the business are one and the same. So if you incurred the expense (wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade of course, I don't mean your personal expenditure) then the business incurred the expense. There is nothing to pay back, because you and the business are one and the same. Any pay back you receive will be in the form of profits. Profits are taxable on you, irrespective of whether you withdraw all the profit from the business account or whether you leave it in there. It's a good idea to keep business and personal finances separated for cash flow management. But any money moved from personal to business account or the reverse is akin to you moving some money to a savings account and some in a current account. It's all yours.
  • RE: Does the working from home tax relief apply if workplace is far for a daily commute?

    I'm not a HMRC Admin, but I am an accountant and I would say: A) no wfh relief due as it is you who is unavailable to your employer's premises rather than the employer's premises being unavailable to you and, B) your employer should be taxing you on the travel reimbursement, if they aren't that is. This page should detail the criteria.
  • RE: Professional/union subscriptions and retirement

    It can only be deducted from employment income . The costs could have been required in order to earn the employment income but the same cannot be said for pension. This means while you can continue to choose to maintain membership, there will not be any fax relief on it. The end result is the fees would be paid from your after tax income (while under employment they were paid from pretax income).
  • RE: Gift Aid tax relief claims being sent against previous tax years.

    Hi, I am not a HMRC Admin but may be able to help. You can only elect to carry back gift aid on an original return and only before the submission deadline. What this means is for a return for 20-21, any contributions made between 06/04/21 and the date you submitted the 20-21 return can be included on the 20-21 return and only if the 20-21 return was submitted by 31/01/22. This would then mean anything done or not done in relation to the 21-22 return would not be relevant. Because the claim had fo be made on the 20-21 return.
  • RE: Tax due on Gift Aid payments

    Hi, I'm not HMRC Admin but it is correct you should get charged 20% on gift aid. Gift aid only reduces your tax bill if you are a higher rate payer. The charity claim the basic rate tax you paid and that is why you need to pay basic rate tax on it (else there would be no tax for the charity to claim).
  • RE: Rental income transfer to my wife
  • RE: Declaration of trust, sole owner property

    @tonto1976 I'm not HMRC Admin but if you've only transferred the beneficial interest in the rental income (not the underlying beneficial interest in the property capital) then it is ineffective for tax purposes due to settlements. The end result is that you remain taxable on the income. Any expenses (and tenancy agreements) need to be incurred and paid by the person carrying out the property business. If the mortgage is in your name but your spouse is running the property business, your spouse may be paying it but they aren't incurring it. Not to mention your spouse assuming liability of the mortgage counts as consideration for SDLT purposes. You should also check your deeds as mortgage lenders will frequently have a clause that no interest in the property can be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of without the charge rhey have secured against the property being satisfied (in other words, without making you liable to repay the mortgage). But sometimes with a spouse a lender will agree to it. In short, making a deed/declaration of trust or assignment can have a lot of consequences other than just who is taxable on the rental income.