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  • RE: Tax on sale of overseas property from inheritance

    Dear Sir Since the property was given to me as inheritance, what would be the original value to use (vs sale value) to calculate the applicable tax with if I was to sell it? Thanks.
  • Tax on sale of overseas property from inheritance

    Dear Sir I am a UK citizen and tax resident. What will be the tax payable if I was to sell an overseas property that I have inherited from my mother that was not subject to inheritance tax at the point of the inheritance (i.e. property was valued at less than GBP500,000 and her estate was worth less than GBP2 million). Thank you.
  • Arising Tax Basis & Transfer of Capital

    Dear Sir I am a UK citizen but non-UK domiciled and have been a non-UK tax resident for the past 28 years. I am planning to return to the UK this summer to take up employment and I have the following question: If I decide to take the arising tax approach to pay for my forthcoming income tax obligations in the UK (I understand that this means all global income will be subject to UK tax), will I incur any tax on the capital that I intend to bring with me back to the UK (i.e. cash I have accumulated from my previous employment in Hong Kong)? Thank you.