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  • Germany prevents UK companies from accessing and selling on marketplaces

    Hello everyone, we write these lines to communicate a "serious" problem that we have found in trying to reopen trade relations in Germany ... unfortunately without success. We state that our company works in the field of E-commerce and until the end of June 2021 we were able to work throughout Europe without any kind of problem. After July 1st, due to the new VAT-OSS regulation, we applied for a new registration in Europe ... and we got it. We communicated to the various marketplaces (France - Spain - Italy - Portugal) with which we work the new data received and we had the confirmations to be able to resume business. We still had to communicate to the German marketplaces ... and here begin the problems. We have communicated to a marketplace with which we have always worked until the end of June 2021 the data of the European VAT-OSS that we have registered. Unfortunately, we were immediately refused the reopening and we were told that we absolutely needed German VAT. It seems that Germany for exclusive "internal regulation" does not accept by non-EU companies (which we are - UK) VAT-OSS registrations made ... outside Germany. We cannot understand this. The European regulation that came into force on 1 July requires non-EU companies to register a single and "exclusive" VAT-OSS in any of the member states. We have chosen to register in Poland because of our commercial knowledge of the country but ... we could have applied in other member states. This registration is considered valid throughout Europe. Are we doing something wrong? Why does Germany prevent UK companies from doing business and oblige "all" sellers to carry out VAT registrations on its territory? Is there an office where I can report this? We are waiting for your news and considerations. Thank you 

    [Personal information removed - Admin]