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  • RE: tax return about Hong Kong registered private unlimited company

    Thanks for your reply. For this private UNLIMITED company registered in Hong Kong, the income and expense will be declared as self-employment, and therefore I am subject to INCOME TAX for the profit (i.e. income minus expense) of this business. On the other hand, as per point 4 above, you mentioned that i will be further subject to dividend tax if it take profit from this business. However, this would double the tax for the profit (i.e. income minus expense) because i need to pay income tax as well as dividend tax for that amount of money. Is my understanding correct? OR dividend tax is ONLY apply to limited company but NOT private UNLIMITED company (which is a kind of self-employment)? Thanks
  • tax return about Hong Kong registered private unlimited company

    Hi, I registered a private unlimited company in Hong Kong on 10th Oct 2022. According to the law of Hong Kong, I will receive tax return form 18 months after the registration date of a newly opened company. It will be around April 2024. I migrated to the UK on 5th November 2022 using BNO visa. I suppose I am a UK tax residence for the tax year 2022 – 2023 (with split year treatment). I know that the profit from my unlimited company registered in Hong Kong is subject to the UK tax. My questions: 1) How should I submit this to HMRC? I am confused whether this should be submitted through SA103 (Self-employed) or SA106 (overseas income) 2) I suppose I can have the double taxation relief to avoid being double taxed in Hong Kong and the UK. Should I submit the related tax return to HMRC AFTER I settle the related tax payment in Hong Kong (which will be after April 2024)? OR should it be fallen into the UK tax year of 2022-2023? 3) Because the business is based in Hong Kong, most of the invoice and sales documents are in Chinese, how should I deal with it when submitting related tax return to HMRC? 4) Am I subject to dividend tax if i draw the profit from my private unlimited company? Thank you!