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  • RE: Help with paying voluntary Class 2 NICs through Self-Assessment

    Hi Kinga Augustyn,

    If you are under the NIC threshold limit, there is a box you can tick to voluntary pay Class 2 national insurance. If you have already ticked this box, you can submit your Self Assessment and once submitted you can contact HMRC after 72 hours who will be able to look into this for you .  

    Self Assessment: general enquiries
    Thank you. 
  • RE: Overseas Pension

    Hi Justyna Kadziolka-Grela,

    Yes, your friend will need to report her overseas pension on the foreign section of Self Assessment Tax Return. 

    Thank you. 
  • RE: Left out of my mother's will - sister wants to give me some of her inheritance


    There is no Income Tax implications to you if you receive a cash gift, however you may want to check regarding inheritance tax.

    We don't deal with inheritence tax on this forum, so you may wish to check the guidance on GOV.UK or contact the Inheritence tax helpline. 
    Inheritance Tax

    Thank you. 
  • RE: Claiming tax relief for working from home

    Hi Cla Roses, 

    Apologies for the delayed response. You may be able to claim tax relief for additional household costs if you have to work from home on a regular basis, see link below for Employees:
    Claim tax relief for your job expenses

    Thank you
  • RE: Out of date p45


    You can keep p45 for your own records and contact the tax office to check everything is up to date on your records.
    If the p45 was for a previous tax year and not the same tax year as you started your new employment, you wouldn't have needed to give it too them when you first started.
    If the p45 was from same tax year as when you started new job employer would have only accepted it when you first start.

    You can contact our Helpline on:
    0300 200 3300

    Thank you. 
  • RE: Paying SA bill through PAYE tax code


    I wouldn't ignore this I suggest either contacting the tax office and they can check for you or if you have an online account for self assessment you can sign in and check your statements to see if the tax is going to be collected in your tax code.

    You can contact the helpline on:
    0300 200 3310

    Thank you. 
  • RE: Activation code


    You would only need an activation code again if you had de-enrolled from the online service for filing tax returns on the goverment gateway or you have filed your tax return in previous year using gov.verify instead of using the goverment gateway user id to sign in and enrol for the online service.

    Thank you.
  • RE: HMRC Tax Calculation Query


    If you have received a P800 calculation and repayment for a year where you have filed a self-assessment tax return, then this will have been sent to you in error. We can only apologise about the confusion this has caused but your tax would be dealt with via self-assessment. I would advise not to cash this cheque.

    If you contact us on the helpline or by webchat, one of our colleagues can cancel this and have make sure your record is linked to self assessment. 
    Helpline: 0300 200 3300
    Webchat: Self Assessment: general enquiries

    Thank you. 
  • RE: 2019/2020 Late tax return

    Hi Richylane87, 

    A due date of 31/01/2021 is when the tax bill would be due for if you had an outstanding amount to pay. HMRC can choose repayments for extra security checks. Unfortunately, we do not have access to your records via this platform to check the progress of your repayment.

    You may wish to contact our colleagues on the helpline or by webchat for them to provide an update. 

    Helpline: 0300 200 3310
    Webchat: Self Assessment: general enquiries

    Thank you. 
  • RE: Reduce Payments on Account

    Hi Adrian Pepper,

    When it comes to reducing the payments on account HMRC will not check or agree the figures you are reducing them to. You are the one that has access to your earnings for 20/21 so will be able to give an accurate figure. The payments on account will be reduced. However, if they are reduced by too much HMRC will charge interest on the difference. You can check your online account where the statement will reflect the overall position as to how much is due for 31/01/2021.

    Failing this, if you do not have access online, our colleagues can be contacted the helpline or by webchat to confirm the postion:
    Helpline: 0300 200 3310
    Webchat: Self Assessment: general enquiries

    Thank you.