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  • Foreign capital gain for remittance basis user with loss election

    Hi, This is my 1st year as remittance basis user and as I'm with realized foreign losses, I decide to make a loss election. Once the election is made, is there requirement to report/declare all my foreign capital gain accruing in that year to HMRC, even NO foreign chargeable gains being remitted in that year? Thank you
  • matching rules for relieving losses

    Hi, I'm reading the matching rules for relieving losses. CG25330C - Remittance basis: matching rules for relieving losses: TCGA92/S16ZC* The matching rule number one "against foreign chargeable gains accruing in the tax year to the extent that they are remitted to the United Kingdom in that year" the foreign capital gain from oversea main/only house - which obviously tax on different rate - also within this category?
  • RE: Gilts and DDS

    Hi, For offshore UK reporting fund which investing in Gilt, is the distribution generating from this fund considered as UK source income or foreign income?
  • RE: Barclays Cashback

    Hi, I have credit card (not bank account) with Cashback reward as a results of purchases made. According to your earlier comment, this is not taxable? Thanks
  • RE: Foreign capital loss claim

    Thanks. I'm referring to make an election under TCGA1992 s16ZA as I want my overseas losses to be offset against foreign chargeable gains. Is there any specific form I should use to make this election? Thanks
  • Relief for foreign capital losses on remittance basis

    Hi, I understand that remittance basis claimants are only able to claim relief for foreign capital losses if an election is made in order for loss relief to be available. May I know if this is true that, if the election is not made the individual cannot claim relief for foreign capital losses even in tax years to which the arising basis applies, until and unless the individual becomes UK domiciled or deemed UK domiciled? Thanks
  • Foreign capital loss claim

    Hi, As a remittance basis user, which form(or website link) should I use to make election to have foreign capital loss claim? Thanks
  • Loss relief

    Hi, I'm remittance basis user. A few questions on loss relief example on 1. When claim the loss relief, the "foreign gain" here is sum up of ALL/worldwide non-UK capital gain accruing in the tax year? 2. Will the capital gain from selling our main and only oversea house be considered as "foreign chargeable gains"?
  • Remittance user on oversea property

    Hi, I'm remittance basis user look to sell our oversea house which was our only and main residence before we move in to UK. 1.Am I qualified for private residence relief? 2.If we bring in money into UK, is it capital gain tax or income tax rate to be applied? Thank you
  • RE: Brokerage account

    As remittance basis user I'm investing in a Opaque Funds with UK Reporting Status. Am I right that I have no UK tax on income and gain to report from this Opaque fund, unless those income and gains that have been remitted to the UK? Thank you