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  • Merge account issue - plus MCI issue

    Hello, I cannot check my income tax since my first job in UK in 2019. I started to report that since 2 years ago (2020) but no one can tell the reason. After multiple calls, requests and sending letters to HMRC office, in Jan 2022 in my the 10th or more call, I was finally told that I have two NI records, one was a temporary number because I started my first job before I got my NINO. And that’s why I can’t see the tax records. What I do is need to merge my records and the issue will never happen again. I was so happy thinking that the issue struggled me 2 years can finally be fixed. However the real nightmare started. After this call which tell I have to merge my tax records, I can never ever login to my HMRC online account anymore in more than half year ago. I start to get MCI issue when I login. I called so many times in these years and months but my account is still not resolved, every time I have to wait for months, again and again! Every time the staff I connected to told me there will be some guy call me back to fix my MCI issue, but every time there is no reply! NO! NOTHING! It’s like everything is in the blackhole! And last week was the forth time this year that I spent for hours to wait for HMRC hotline and left my contact number again, then they told me that I have to wait to July! To be honest I have reported my tax account issue for more than 2 years. I keep calling or sending letter to HMRC since 2020 and every time I have to wait several months. But my issue was never get fixed and no one is getting back to me, I think it is very annoying because I have to keep chasing. I just want to check my record online and I have done everything that I can do. May I know what really can help me to fix my account? I can’t believe that reading records online is so complicated. I can't even make complaint on HMRC because my online account is totally useless. Please help me for my online account.
  • RE: PAYE record is missing

    I post my p60 records in Nov and waited for more than 3 months but there is no reply and no change. Have already confused by this issue for more than 1 year but still cannot fix. What should I do?
  • PAYE and NI record not found

    Hi HMRC, I started to work in the UK since 2019 but all My PAYE and NI records are not found when I sign in to my HMRC account. I found my employer name is wrong and I would like to update it, however I submitted the request via online form, also I tried to call and post to HMRC, but no one can solve my problem. When I submitted from online, I waited for months and the status changed to “Done”, but actually nothing is changed in my account. I tried to call multiple times, wait for hours and got the answer that I should post my P60 to HMRC office. I then posted my P60 and salary payslips to HMRC office, and waited for nearly half year, still no reply. I have requested the update for almost one year, I have paid the the full tax in these two and half years but there are no any records. Is there any one who can really help me?
  • PAYE record is missing

    Hi, I moved to UK and start working since 2019, the income tax and NI were deducted from my salary every month, the deductions are clearly shown in my payslips. However, when I login to my HMRC account, there is no any tax record and income record from 2019 until now. Both of them are showing £0.00. I called HMRC and one of the staff told me I have to ask my company to send the data again to HMRC, and I did so, my employer sent my salary information again to HMRC but there was nothing updated. My records is still empty. All my other personal data including my full name, employer name and NI number are correct, just my income & tax records are missing since 2019. I have reported to HMRC my issue in April from online form, the process showing it should be handled and finished in May. But now is August, my issue status is not started yet, no one is going to handle my case. What should I do now? Can anyone help me?