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  • RE: Notice of Coding

    Thank you for this information. Will I be in the usual queue to be answered when using this service and if so am I able to hold until my call is answered? Thank you for your assistance.
  • Notice of Coding

    I have a personal pension which is my sole income. I take one payment each year and have just taken my payment for 2021/22 tax year and have been taxed again on a Month 1 basis. This is third year that this has happened. I am deaf so unable to phone HMRC to ask them to amend my code and remove Month 1 basis and my letters have been ignored. Anyone have any advice. I know the overpayment will be returned but this is usually not until at least July. The HMRC website says that after the first payment is taken from a pension the coding notice will be changed but this is not the case in my experience and so i have paid nearly £4,000 again when I withdrew less than the personal allowance amount so no tax is in fact due to be paid.
  • HMRC Complaint Procedure

    Does anybody have experience of HMRC complaint procedure. I lodged a complaint in October and was told that estimated date for a response would be 11th November. On checking the progress they had logged that “due to technical difficulties..” or HMRC “.. may be busy” I have heard absolutely nothing. On the HMRC website it says that when a complaint is lodged HMRC will tell you: “the name and contact details of the person dealing with your complaint” and “which stage of the complaints process you’re at and what the next step is”. I have not been told either of these things. Not only have I heard nothing they did not bother to notify me that there would be a delay and not until I checked my Government Gateway account did I know about the delay, though they were given my email address and mobile number for contact purposes. Apparently HMRC “will not treat you any differently because you’ve made a complaint”. Sorry but it feels that this is exactly what they are doing. Other people’s experiences may help me understand why I am being ignored.
  • RE: Delay by HMRC in processing personal tax refund

    Update to my earlier post. Phoned HMRC and my P800 was calculated on 4th October, but still not received, and timescale for my repayment is 4th December because of security checks for taking a large amount of money from my own pension, which pension provider was obviously happy with. So anyone who is maybe owed five figure sum and still waiting this could be why. Lady at HMRC extremely helpful in telling me what is happening, though an 8 month wait since end of tax year is a joke.
  • RE: Delay by HMRC in processing personal tax refund

    I am also having problems with a five figure sum refund on overpaid tax on pension withdrawal, which is my only income. I have telephoned and was told yes refund due and P800 calculated on 4/10/2021 but still not received, had web-chat and told I would receive P800 in two weeks (that was 5 weeks ago) and written three times but had no response either in paper form or on Government Gateway account. HMRC appear to be a law unto themselves with tax payers money and I’m at my wits as the money is required for living expenses. HELP