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  • RE: Late Self Assessment penalty but never been self employed.

    I've been fined 6500 pound when I was paye and self employed has been going on since December 2020 and still not been sorted after letters appeals and over 50 phone calls and two complaints even though hmrc told me the fines are incorrect
  • Late return penalty fines

    In need of help I have called over 50 times. I recently become self employed in 2020 so I set up online log in etc checked my account and I owed 6500 pound in late fines even though I was working paye and not self employed. Spoke with a really helpful lady in December 2020 who told me what forms I needed to fill in how to fill them in and sent them all back recorded delivery. Online account then showed forms had been received and completion date march 2021, then all cases disappeared and I heard nothing all fines and not filled in tax returns still was on my account. After over 50 calls and getting no where and being told no one had even started on my case I put in a complaint and got a letter back saying I need to fill in more forms. I filled in the forms sent back December 2021 and forms received and work completion date January the 10th 2022 I've heard nothing back, late tax returns have been removed but fines still there the last person I spoke to told me he could see the mistake and will get the case escalated for high importance due to how long its been going on. I done my first tax return last year the money it said I was owed knocked off the debt I don't owe. I have completed all forms for self assessment when I wasn't self employed and nulled the forms like I was advised I have filled in all the appeal forms to go with them however I just feel that with over a year to sort this out, that it will not be sorted out untill I have paid all that money back in fines that should not even be there, this is now causing me massive stress in my life. Apart from filling in all correct forms and now a second complaint what is the next step a letter from mp to a adjudicator ? Thank you Rich