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  • RE: Self assessment and tax filing

    Hi. I don't know I'm I can ask here but I don't know where to ask.... They all give all different answer to me people working from customer service. Good morning. Me and my wife had the wedding in 2018. In Romania ,bot in UK. We had wedding at about 330 people and we got wedding gift from our invited people in cash at about 9000£. We kept the money in cash at home for personal reasons sometimes. When the pandemic came on 2020,had bad days about work etc,we needed the money on the card because that's the way we pay mortgage bills etc like everyone. We added the money in bits transactions through the post office, but on my wife personal account ,not on mine because me being self employed,didn't want to mix the money deposited to make mess etc. We have no evidence they were from wedding,but they were from there. HMRC just have to trust or I don't know. All we can show is the marriage certificate from 2018 to show we had wedding. And the money came as gift in cash anvelope like everyone does when goes to a wedding. Is that all ok what we done or we need to pay tax on wedding gift? Thank you.