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  • RE: High income Child benefit

    I think this depends on whether your pension contributions are taken before tax by your employer - if they are then you already have tax relief on them. If you pay pension separately, such as via net pay then these may be liable for exclusion in the self assessment. I found this page useful:
  • RE: Received UTR but cannot find where to fill in self assessment form online?

    There's a link on the right-hand side of the page - does this work:
  • Self-Assmt for HICBC - interest and health insurance

    Hi, I am having to pay the HICBC as I got a one-off bonus in 2021 and that tipped me over the threshold, so this is the first time for self-assessment. When I do the online calculator for HICBC it says I owe just over £500 for the charge. However, after the self-assessment has been filled in this then comes to almost £900!! As we as my salary I get private medical care paid by the employer, but I don't get a P11D so I don't know how much the "perk" is. I can see the same monthly amount on both the gross and net sides of my wageslip, do I use this value for S.A.? Also, I get a small amount of interest from savings but they are below the £1000 interest-free threshold. Do these savings need declaring on the assessment, or is that just anything taxable above the threshold? I'm puzzled as to why the calc is so different to the assessment. The insurance and interest would probably only add around £500-£600 pa to the "income" section? Many thanks in advance