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  • RE: Payment On Account

    Hi, Thanks for the reply! I have submitted the reduce your payments section. After the self assessment was calculated, even though i should only have to pay back around £2500 for child benifit and around £250 for marriage allowance, I owe £6,077.70, below: stimated payment due by 31 January 2024 You must pay the total of any tax and class 4 NIC due for 2022-23 plus first payment on account due for 2023-24 by 31 January 2024 (Note: 2nd payment of £1,474.17 due 31 July 2024) This amount does not take into account any 2022-23 payments on account you may have already made 2022-23 balancing payment £3,129.35 1st payment on account for 2023-24 due 31 January 2024 £1,474.17 Total due by 31 January 2024 £4,603.52 However i have also recieved a coding notice with the below: less Child Benefit Charge £6165 Less Adjustment for estimated tax you owe (this year) £1570 Im Stuggling to understand what i have to pay, what is coming out of my PAYE and when i need to pay? Thanks 
  • Payment On Account

    Hi, Ive filled in my self assesment tax for 2022-2023 tax year, however for 2023/4 i will be canceling my child benifit and no longer need to complete the self assessment. Therefore i wont need to pay the Payment on account, how do i cancel this? Thanks Jonny
  • Online Self Assessment Marriage Allowance

    Hi, I filled in my self assessment tax return online, as i fall in the the higher income child benifit bracket. However the calculation was much higher than i expected, i only expected to pay back the child benifit. I noticed on the form that there was no option for marriage allowance, can that be filled in on the online self assessment? I couldnt find any section that asked about marriage allowance. Thanks Jonny