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  • RE: UK Registration for IOSS, to simplify sales from UK to EU. When?

    Just to clarify the question that I asked in my last post: 19 months after the government spent 3.5 years negotiating and then signing their own 'fantastic for business' brexit deal, they removed the claim from their own websites, that they were preparing a system for UK-based businesses to sign up, via a portal, to the IOSS scheme they they had had full knowledge of for many years. Almost 3 months after the deadline for which they claimed they would be ready, they decided to inform us on 20th September, ( ), that they "are currently in discussion with the EU Commission about the issue of fiscal representatives in relation to the EU IOSS scheme", and this line has been used ever since, to deflect genuine concerns from very worried business owners, who had tried to 'plan for brexit' by following government guidelines and statements (such as the claim that an IOSS registration portal would be available). So my question main is: 1): Where can we see the details of these discussions? Presumably discussions related to this started at some point between the 2016 decision to leave the EU and the point at which, for the sake of signing a deal, it was decided that it didn't matter enough to be included in that deal. That leads to a second question: 2): Following on from that decision, at what point did renegotiation about this issue start? Most importantly, (so that those thousands of small businesses that have suffered huge losses as a result of the resulting fall in their export sales can try to assess whether to try to hold out a bit longer or give up now): 3): How are the discussions going? 4): Is there any likelihood of the EU considering re-opening and changing the deal that our government signed in order to help the UK? 5): Have they given any indication that they might consider helping UK businesses in this way or have they already said "No"? 6): Assuming HMRC can not answer these questions, who do we need to contact to get this information?
  • RE: UK Registration for IOSS, to simplify sales from UK to EU. When?

    Thanks but I already know all that. I wonder why, when the government knew years ago that this IOSS system was coming (& were actually involved in creating it, long before we left the EU), why they didn't bother to include it in the deal. It appears that, along with so many other aspects of the "oven ready" deal. "Getting brexit done" just meant signing whatever was easiest. I don't believe that anyone in this government is "... currently in discussion with the EU Commission about the issue of fiscal representatives in relation to the EU IOSS scheme", unless that simply means that at some point we've asked them to make changes to the deal we agreed to and they haven't said "yes". Why would they? The deal suits them as it is. How would it benefit the EU to allow businesses in third countries to trade on equal terms to its own members? The government don't care about the harm they have done and continue to do to UK business, any more than they care about people, (other than their donors of course). If I am wrong about this, please tell me where I can review the progress of the discussion with the EU Commission, that you refer to.
  • UK Registration for IOSS, to simplify sales from UK to EU. When?

    Is there a simple and most cost-effective way for small UK businesses to register for IOSS ? We are told that we have to register with an EU-based intermediary. However, it seems they are only interested in larger businesses. (The cheapest I have found would charge me more in admin charges than the value of my total EU sales). Before the deadline of 30th June 2021, we were told by the government (including on this website), that a registration portal would be created. Since the beginning of July 2021, (just when applications for grants to help businesses deal with the changes were suddenly terminated), all traces of this promised registration portal seem to have mysteriously disappeared and, also since then, any questions about this subject are deflected by giving a link to the EU's website, despite the fact that the information is not there. Why would it be? It is not the EU's job to assist businesses in third countries. It would be nice if there was somebody in the HMRC Admin team who would give a helpful answer but assuming that they won't, could they at least tell us which government department are able to tell us how to administer the promised 'frictionless trade' and 'reduced red tape', (along with 'all the benefits of EU membership without the downsides'). Perhaps some forum members might have some advise for the thousands of small businesses like mine, that have lost so much trade due to this situation.