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  • Leaving the UK (if already submitting tax returns) - no need to inform HMRC for 18 months+

    Dear HMRC team, I have been employed by various UK employers and lived in the UK for past decade + for the past years had to fill in tax returns each year. I am currently moving to the UAE – and simplistically not splitting tax years am moving from April 6th 2023 for a minimum of a year - say to April 5th 2024. I will be employed by non-UK employers and entities when abroad. I wanted to check if I needed/how to inform HMRC I had left. From the website - it seems I do not submit a P85 (as this seems for people who do not do tax returns) But rather do nothing and just wait to submit my “next tax return”. By my understanding the "next tax return" will be Due January 2024 .. (for Tax year April 2022 to April 2023 – so when a UK resident) – presume I file this per normal… though not covering the UAE move. But then I would not be letting HMRC know anything about my UAE move until the next tax year – as I have moved to the UAE April 2023 to April 2024 – this tax return would not be filed [January 2025}… so in about 1.75 years time - is that correct?? This is my understanding from read of all your website – but it is almost two years away before I disclose anything so just wanted to make 1000% sure this was the case(!) Also read somewhere if you have left the UK you need to do a paper not an online return - where deadline is October not January – so in the above case – I would have to submit a paper tax return – but again this would not be until October 2024? Seems I have to not disclose anything else etc. etc. just keep track of my number of days… and then let HMRC know when I move back to the UK? Hugely appreciated, thanks Christopher