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  • RE: P800 and Tax Calculation Summary

    Thank you for your response. I have just spent close to an hour on the telephone, only to be cut off for "technical difficulties". I have now spent over 3.5 hours trying to resolve a problem that is entirely of HMRC's making. And I have got nowhere. There MUST be a better way of dealing with this. You are pretty efficient responding to written queries on this forum (thank you), so presumably there must be someone to whom I can write to get this resolved. Could you give me a department of HMRC to write to, and an address. Thank you
  • RE: P800 and Tax Calculation Summary

    Hi HMRC Admin Thank you for your response. I phoned the self-assessment helpline. After being cut off twice, and after a total of over 2.5 hours waiting I reached someone to whom I explained the position. I am uncertain that they understood what was going on but they referred to their supervisor and then stated the P800 would be cancelled. Now a refund cheque has arrived in the post in 10 days rather than the 6 weeks set out in the P800. I do not want this rebate as it completely confuses my tax affairs. As I said in the original post, I have already paid the tax due on Jan 31st. Even if I cash the cheque and pay the same amount to HMRC, I have absolutely no confidence that HMRC will get the accounting correct, as it is clear that "Self Assessment" and "Personal Tax" do not speak to each other. What do I do? This is taking vast amounts of unnecessary time, as my tax affairs were totally in order until HMRC confused things. Unsurprisingly this is hugely frustrating. Advice would be most welcome. Thank you.
  • P800 and Tax Calculation Summary

    In August this year I submitted my 2021-22 self assessment Tax Return on line. The tax calculation correctly showed that on 31 January 2023 I have to pay a "2021-22 balancing payment", together with a "1st payment on account for 2022-23". While these are not due until 31st January next year, I have already paid the amounts due. Yesterday, I received a P800 which says that I am due a tax refund, and this will be sent to me in about 6 weeks. The calculation shown in the P800 includes only 2 figures that I recognise, and omits multiple items of income that I included in my SA return. As far as I am concerned I have not paid too much tax (I might have paid it a couple of months early, but it's all due). I do not want a rebate because it just confuses my affairs. And, perhaps most importantly, the P800 is utterly inaccurate and I have little idea where the numbers come from. I've been doing self assessments for years and this is the first time I've ever had a P800. Can anybody help me to understand what on earth HMRC are doing? And how do I stop this unnecessary and confusing P800 process/refund, which cuts across my completely orderly and well-planned - and compliant - tax affairs?