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  • RE: Estimated income tax - Not employed

    That’s makes sense. Thank you for your reassurance and reply.
  • Estimated income tax - Not employed

    Hi. I have just been on my HMRC account and looked at PAYE income tax summary. I’ve no idea why I decided to click on that section as not employed. The only income I have is as my sons carer so I get carers allowance, and that is declared for the purpose of CTC. However it estimated my income at £16,968. Does anyone know why this is? Even if my CTC, child benefit and CA were combined, it wouldn’t equal to that figure, it would be less and as only the CA is a taxable benefit, that wouldn’t be correct I’m assuming. I did notice a few months ago that even though I hadn’t been self employed since 2014/2015 tax year I was still registered as such despite notifying HMRC years ago that I no longer was. Could me asking them to register me as such have triggered this? I’m clutching at straws, I know. It’s very odd. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.