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  • Is US tax refund taxable?

    My previous employer from years ago was a US company (and I was based in the US). Last year I became UK non-dom tax resident. And last week I received a tax refund from IRS. I would expect that this tax refund would not be taxable in the UK as it concerns my employment long before I arrived to the UK. What’s HMRC guidance/view on this?
  • How to declare US tax rebate

    Hi, I live in the UK for a year (non-domicile resident), and in the past (long time pre-UK) I was employed by the US company and lived in the US. During that time I vested a deferred compensation (phantom stock). Recently (pre-UK) company terminated that agreement and converted phantom stock to common stock. Termination was a taxable event, so US company withheld taxes. Recently IRS sent me a partial refund (company over-withheld). All vesting happened long before i came to the UK, and I spent zero days in the UK during that period. Even conversion happened before UK tax residency - but US tax refund arrived during me being in UK Is this rebate taxable if I bring it to the UK? Thanks.