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  • VAT as an Expat living in Thailand

    I need to do some damp proofing repair work on my house in London, which is rented out. I have lived in Thailand since 2015 as an expat. Do I pay VAT on the cost of the building works taking place in London ?
  • self assessment and finance costs on BTL mortgage and repair costs

    Myself and spouse own a rental property 50/50 by deed of trust. We share the rental income on the assumed 50/50 basis for tax. However only I pay the mortgage as it is solely in my name and only I pay the finance costs for this mortgage every month. When my wife fills in her Self Assessment form should she simply leave finance costs blank or do HMRC assume 50% as well, I also pay for all the repair bills. Should this be declared as an assumed 50 per cent expense by each or how it is actually paid by me from my account.? Many thanks
  • RE: Paper return for CGT if non resident

    Am I able to download the form direct from the HMRC website and print it off as I have been unable to make contact with HMRc helpdesk ? This would save time and postage. It is the paper form for non residents to fill in to pay CGT on a UK property as, because they are non residents, they do not have a UK postcode and cannot do it online. Many thanks
  • Paper return for CGT if non resident

    I do not have a UK postcode, live in Thailand and have issues registering as a result for online reporting for Self Assessment/CGT etc. If I dispose of a UK property as a non resident am I able to submit a paper return only and not do it online, as this appears so much easier? How do I report it on paper please?
  • RE: Registration for self assessment online if living abroad in Thailand

    Cannot get through to your helpdesk, Bit frustrating. Just simple question can you register for self assessment without a UK postcode?. It appears not. Is this right? I have Nat Insur number , unique tax id etc but I live abroad so no uk postcode or UK telephone contract.
  • Registration for self assessment online if living abroad in Thailand

    I am trying to register my wife for self assessment as we share our rental income from a house in the UK and she must pay some tax on it now in the future. She has a national insurance number and received today a unique government tax id in the post. She has a UK passport and a bank account in the UK with a debit card only. However she cannot register online still as the form asks for a UK postcode, a credit card or a UK telephone contract etc. and driving licence etc.How can she register online for self assessment please without a UK postcode or UK credit card or telephone contract but with the other items above.