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  • Temporary Non-Resident rules when receiving dividends from a foreign company

    Dear Sirs, First some background to provide context to my questions. I have spoken to tax advisors, but the following seems a bit of a grey area: I left the UK to set up a business in the EU earlier this year, which is where I now live. Under the automatic residency rules, I am still tax resident in the UK and won't trigger non-tax resident rules until next UK tax year. That is preferable since I have a UK business that I am currently liquidating to claim my Entrepreneurs Relief/BADR. It will be my only UK income this tax year. Once that tax sum is paid, I will be informing HMRC that I am no longer tax resident. I am not paying myself any income from my EU business for UK tax year 23/24. This keeps my tax affairs cleaner and more simple. My questions: I will be paying myself a dividend (but not a salary) from my EU business on or after 6 April 2024, where I will no longer be UK tax resident - and won't be for at least the entirety of that tax year. 1. Were I to return to the UK under the 'temporary non-resident' rules and so within 5 years of becoming UK non-tax resident, would I be liable for income tax? 2. If I pay that dividend into my UK bank account, would it be liable for tax where I am non-tax resident? 3. Is it correct that non-tax residents who receive foreign income do not need to declare it/file a Self Assessment tax return? Many thanks for your help.