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  • Filling in foreign income online - FTCR working sheet makes no sense.

    Hi all, currently filling in my self assessment online and having earned income and paid tax in Germany, I need to fill in the FTCR form to calculate now much tax relief I get. The numbers the online SA gives me to use on the working sheet contains errors (TC34 it says to use £0E-8 for instance). Plus it asks me to fill in values from S2 and S3, and also A119. I cannot find what these values would be anywhere. I cannot complete the calculation without them. Any help would be appreciated. The sheet is a nightmare enough as it is and there are no clear instructions anywhere.
  • Foreign income in Germany - as employee of German company and temporary German resident

    Hi all, Self employed freelance performer. I worked in Germany and was employed by the German company for a fixed term 7 month job. Had a work permit and German resident permit valid during my time there. I paid tax and social security contributions in Germany, and as the work was also performed in Austria and Switzerland, I was subject to 'artist tax' in both countries which came off my wages. Filling in my Self assessment is something of a nightmare to get right! I assume I can only enter German 'income tax' (unfortunately the vast majority of deductions in Germany is Social tax). Do I add the other countries' artist tax onto the amount of tax paid for the foreign tax relief? Do they need to be listed as separate countries on the page? Does having temporary resident status change anything? It has now expired as I am back in the UK. I haven't filed a German tax return. I don't want to get it wrong but there is very little information about it! Many thanks