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  • Director's loan

    Hello, I have a question. my question. I took out a director's loan from my LTD a few months ago for £7000. I also paid a salary of £5000 every month on the 23rd. The paylips on the other hand were always issued on the last day of the month. My accountant has informed me that because of this, every month on the 23rd my loan was in excess of £10,000 and after posting the payslip at the end of the month it dropped to 7000. Please advise if early salary payments are possible and should not count towards the director's loan or should they count and the loan should be taxed? Thank you in advance! Edyta
  • Change of correspondence address

    I want to change the correspondence address for a foreign company registered for VAT UK which does not have a UK address. How can I do this? Thanks in advance! Edyta
  • RE: VAT rate on on the invoice for the cancellation of a transport order

    Hi, yes exactly, I'm charging a customer a cancellation fee for a services which was going to take place but which was cancelled.
  • Missing transaction on the PVA statement

    Hi, I have a problem with PVA statement for August. In August there were a tree import transaction to UK but the PVA Statement shows only one of them. I already called to the VAT team but consultant told me that they could't help me and I should check customs declatarions and contact with belfast PCA team. The customs documentations were prepared correctly so I have no idea why this transactions are missing. The belfast PCA team wrote me back that they could help me only if the custom declarations are wrong and they could't help me if the c88 are good but they are missing on the PVA statement. What can I do in this situation? Thank you in advance!
  • VAT rate on on the invoice for the cancellation of a transport order

    Hello, I would like to ask what VAT rate should I apply on the invoice for the cancellation of transport order. My client is a VAT UK registered company but the goods transport for the order was to start in EU country and end in UK. Should I apply 20% VAT rate or 0% VAT rate? Thank you in advance!
  • VAT registration

    Hello, I have a company in Poland which is not registered for UK VAT and which installs a storage system. We received an order for a assemble a warehouse in the UK by a Belgian company registered for VAT UK, which is a subcontractor of the UK company. There are two options for this invoice: 1. the buyer would be a company registered in Belgium with a UK VAT number 2. the UK company would be the buyer directly Could Reverse Charge be applied in both cases? If the buyer would be a Belgian company acting on a UK order, should my company register for VAT UK and pay VAT in the UK? Thank you in advance!
  • RE: Change of business name

    Hi, Thank you very much for your help!
  • RE: Change of business name

    Hello, thank you for your reply. Where exactly in the first section should the new business name be entered? In the box "For Partnership/Sole traders only "or "For incorporated companies only"? This is a Polish company registered for UK VAT a few months ago as a corporate body. Thank you in advance.
  • Change of business name

    I need to change the business name of a VAT UK registered foregin company in HMRC. I can't do this by Tax Service. Can I do this via form 484? If so what field should I put the change in?
  • Errors in box 6 in the VAT return

    Hello, my client has a company in Poland which is registered for VAT UK. The company sends goods from Poland directly to UK customers via online shops. It turned out that there was an error in the submitted VAT returns . Boxes 6-9 also included sales of goods over £135 shipped under the DAP condition and B2B sales to VAT-registered companies. These transactions were accounted at 0% VAT so this error did not affect the VAT amount. Is it necessary to file a correction to the VAT return in this case? Than you in advance!