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  • RE: Remittance Basis - UK source of income

    Thank you. How about investment funds (investing in global stocks and bonds) domiciled and registered outside the UK, but the dividend is paid in Sterling? If not remitted, do I need to report that?
  • Remittance Basis - UK source of income

    Hi, For remittance basis, if I have dividend received from a UK company but listed in another country, and the dividend is received in non UK currency, should I include that as UK income? Note that I did not remit the dividend to the UK. Many thanks.
  • Salary income earned before moving to the UK: Split Year Treatment and Not Remitted

    Hi, If I decide to report tax on remittance basis and I'm also eligible for split year treatment, for the overseas salary income earned before I move to the UK and not remitted, should I put in box44 of SA 109, and provide the detail that the income is for split year treatment in box 40? Thank you.
  • RE: Self Assessment for Remittance Basis

    Thanks. If it the overseas saving interest is not taxed, above £2000 and not remitted, where should I put on SA100? For overseas property rental income not tax, above £2000 and not remitted, where should I put on SA100? As I'll apply split year treatment and remittance basis, for non UK salary income before my arrival and not remitted, should I still include the amount as nominated income for remittance basis? Many thanks
  • Remittance vs Arising basis

    1. If I switch from remittance basis (21/22) to arising basis (22/23), I understand I'll need to pay worldwide tax for the income generated in the tax year 22/23, and for the nominated income declared in SA100 on remittance basis in 21/22, it is not taxable as long as I have not remitted the money. It is only taxable if I remit the money into the UK the the future. Am I correct? 2. For 22/23, if I have overseas income of GBP10k and UK income of GBP15k, I'll pay worldwide tax on arising basis for both overseas and UK income. If I remit the GBP10k overseas income, would I be double taxed (i.e. taxed on arising basis and taxed again as remitted income)? 3. For nominated income declared on remittance basis, do I need to put all the details such as breakdown of brokers/banks, breakdown of each item including which foreign currency of the income was originally received? Or I just need to put a GBP lump sum of each category: interest, dividends, property rental? Many thanks
  • Self Assessment for Remittance Basis

    May I confirm if the following forms are correct? SA 100 - for UK income (I only have savings interest in UK bank accounts) SA 109 - for application of remittance basis SA 106 - for foreign income, if not remitted, confirm "unremittable" in the form. For foreign property rental income and salary income during my employment outside the UK and before I arrive at the UK, should these items be included in SA106? Also, for dividend income on UK stocks not remitted to the UK, should this item be included in SA100 and taxable? Many thanks
  • RE: Split Year Treatment for tax reporting on remittance basis

    Noted. Thank you.
  • RE: Split Year Treatment for tax reporting on remittance basis

    Thank you very much. In this case, can I claim split year for the overseas salary income from 6 April 2002 to July 2022, and remittance for the rest of the income for the whole period of 6 April to 5 April 2023? and for the amount of split year overseas income, can I still remit to the UK in the future and not taxed?
  • Income and Capital Gain: fees and commission - taxable or not

    Should I report income on dividend/mutual fund/bonds before or after the fees and commissions charged by the brokers? For capital gain and loss on disposal of shares and bonds, should I deduct expenses (brokers' fees and commission, stamp duties etc.) from the gain and add expenses to the loss? Thanks
  • Split Year Treatment for tax reporting on remittance basis

    I moved to the UK in July 2022 and will report tax on a remittance basis. For the overseas income earned from 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023, I have not remitted to the UK. For reporting tax on a remittance basis, do I still need to apply for split year treatment on the overseas income that I have not remitted? Thank you.