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  • RE: About oversea credit card

    Dear Admin, Good afternoon and hope you all are well. As I don't need to do the self-assessment for my case, I have phoned HMRC to request to shut down my UTR. When I logged in to check my account, it reported all in zero already, is it finished for this already? Besides, I would like to ask something, because of I don't need to apply self-assessment for the tax year 2021-2022, I remember that there was some income earned from my part-time jobs in Hong Kong (Apr 2021 to Jul 2021) during tax year 2021-2022, I resigned my job before we moved to the UK by BN(O) Visa. I am not sure if a part of my income from my past employment in Hong Kong was transferred to my bank account in Hong Kong after I arrived in the UK or not. ( I was tax resident from the first day when I moved to the UK, because I have bought a property as my own residence before I moved to the UK) Do I need to apply Split Year Treatment for my case? Thanks for your help. Warm Regards, G. B.
  • RE: About oversea credit card

    Dear Admin, Thanks for your reply, but i have some further questions about the overseas credit card payment.. 4. My wife asked ...the first year when she moved to the UK with BN(O) Visa from Hong Kong, sometimes she will use her own Hong Kong credit cards when she shopping in UK and online sales transaction. She paid for the credit card statement by her rest of funds in Hong Kong or her funds in UK transfer back to Hong Kong. Does she need to pay for tax for these? Before she doesn't know if she need to apply Self-Assessment , therefore she applied a UTR number for herself before Oct 2022. Does she need to pay for tax for these transactions I wrote before, if she doesn't need to do the taxation, should she need contact with HMRC to cancel her UTR. Sorry for we are not familiar for taxations and asked many questions or dublicated questions. We look forward to hearing from your reply, thank you so much. Best Regards, Gingerbread
  • RE: About oversea credit card

    Dear Admin, Regarding to my enquiries as above, I forgot to mention that, we are coming to UK by BN(O) Visa for with my family since 2021 summer. As we know that we are Tax Resident for the tax year, therefore we want to enquire these transactions will need to report as tax return or these transaction are not related for taxation, we don't want to miss anything for that. Sorry for we are not so familiar with taxation, thanks for your understanding and your help. Best Regards, Gingerbread
  • RE: About oversea credit card

    Dear Admin, Good Afternoon, thanks for your reply. If these transactions are not involved in taxation, that means I don't have to report these for the tax return??? Thanks for your help. Best Regards, Gingerbread
  • About oversea credit card

    Dear Admin, Hello, hope you all are well. We are coming from Hong Kong since last year. I remembered when I arrived to UK, because of COVID-19, we need to self-isolate at home for 10 days. Before I opened a local bank account, I had to use my overseas bank card (Credit card) for expenses, and pay the statements by overseas (Hong Kong and other Banks accounts). The fund in my Hong Kong and other overseas account are coming from my savings capital (which I sold my property over 6 months before I moved to the UK). There is some transactions I am not sure do they involved for taxation. 1. As we need for daily use, we had bought a used car after we finished the self-isolation, because I didn't have UK bank card in that moment, therefore I bought it by my Hong Kong Credit card and pay the statement by my oversea's account. 2. Some autopay transaction such as my Hong Kong mobile number bills in Hong Kong is paid by Hong Kong credit card monthly with contract. The transaction were paid by Hong Kong bank account. 3. After I create the UK Bank account, and almost my funds were transfers to the UK Bank account. We got jobs and have some income in the UK. But, sometimes I forgot to bring my UK bank card when we went shopping, some online shopping account and some mobile bills with contract were still registered by Hong Kong credit card. As almost of my fund were keeping in my UK bank account. Therefore I need pay the Hong Kong credit card statement by UK bank account (the funds from UK account transfers to Hong Kong account to settle the statement) I'd like to enquire about these case from above, do they are involved in taxation? If they do so, would you please tell me should I need to do something like self-assessment or anything else. Thank you for your help. Many Thanks :) Gingerbread
  • About Split Year Treatment

    Hello, We are coming from Hong Kong since Jul 2021 by BN(O) Visa. We sold our own property in Hong Kong (the only one) in 2020, and keep the capital for own use and rent a flat to live until we move to the UK by BN(O) Visa. In Mar 2021, (Before we move to the UK) we bought a house in the UK under my wife's name for our own residential property when we arrived at the UK, the completion date of the property was Mar 2021. In the meantime, the property was empty, nobody lived in there until we grant the visa and move in. I'd like to know do we meet the requirement for Split year treatment for this? Besides, my wife resigned her part-time job which less than £1000, she was no need to pay the tax in Hong Kong. And I resigned my full-time job in Hong Kong and cleared the income tax before when we left HK in Jul 2021, should I need fill in the income from Hong Hong for tax year 2021- 2022? Sorry for my case is quite complicated. I would be grateful if you can advise me how to fill in the self-assessment. Thank you so much. Yours faithfully, G.B