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  • Late filing penalty

    I received a letter and be told I did not file the tax return for the year ended 5 April 2022 on time and therefore I am requested to pay the penalty. I understand I have to file the return even I don't think I have own any tax as a UK tax resident. However my circumstances are I moved to UK in June 2022 and started to have overseas taxable income from July 2022, therefore I have already completed the tax return and get the tax assessment from HMRC for tax year 2022/2023. Now I was asked for the tax return for 2021/2022 that I yet be the UK tax residence, shall I really need to file a return to HMRC for 2021/2022 even I was not the UK tax residence? I supposed I do not need to do so. Actually I have already file a request online for requesting removal from self assessment for specific tax year (i.e. 2021/2022), now I would like to confirm any else I have to do or just wait for the reply from HMRC? Thank you.
  • RE: Split year treatment & Prepay tax

    Further, what if the consequence if I made a wrong estimation for my future income? Say if I have another employment after existing contract, will there be any penalty or interest?
  • SA110 - Payments on account - claim reduction for 2023-2024

    To reduce my 2023-24 payments on account, I know I have to fill in Box 10, Box 11 and Box 17 in form SA110. However I cannot find these fields in the online forms. Would you please advise, if I need to claim reduction for 2023-2024 tax due to lower expected income, can I do this through online? Or I have to do this by paper form or using 3rd parties tools?
  • Split year treatment & Prepay tax

    Would you please advise me base on the following conditions: I arrived UK on 15 June 2022 and move to a home which I rent before I came to UK. I have left the former employment and already cleared all the tax in HK before I left. On 1 July 2022, I started a new employment contract with Hong Kong employer as work from home basis. For the income earned monthly, I have paid the NI with PAYE (DCNI), therefore I know I have to submit a self-assessment for tax. My questions are: 1. Shall I need to apply for the split year treatment? if yes, shall I do it in SA109? 2. Since this is a one year employment contract and it will be ended in June 2023, shall I need to tell HMRC about this? 3. I know I have to prepay the 2023-24 tax base on the 2022-23 assessment, can I appeal to this? Since I do not expect I have to pay that much tax for 2023-24.