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  • RE: Repair/replace in a property

    I have a similar query to this if you can help, please? When my tenant moved in the bathroom sink tap needed replacing and fitting. Additionally, the toilet cistern was cracked and the whole toilet was replaced. Thirdly, the tenant replaced the existing wet wall and added mew wet wall. Lastly, the shower and switch went faulty last year and so I had them replaced (they were both more than 12 years old) Would the tap, shower, wet wall, and toilet be classed as capital expenditure? Or would they be classed as repairs? Or would the wet wall be classed as redecoration? I assume that any charges for the installation of the toilet/tap/shower etc are claimable as an expense at least? Many thanks!
  • RE: re. claiming Service Charge costs, Management or Maintenance?

    Hi, I have a similar query to this, I have a service agreement with a boiler company who service the boiler and would see to any repairs if necessary outwith those times. Is this an allowable expense?
  • Problems with VERIFY checking ID with non-UK address.

    I'm a UK citizen who lives in the EU. When I set up my account in 2019 I still had a UK number. I forgot to change it to my EU one before the account was closed as I forgot to top it up last year. I now can't sign into my Government account because of the two-factor authentication for the old number. I tried to do the VERIFY using my old UK address (I still own the house), but of course it won't work because the address that HMRC have for me (and what is on the accounts) is my EU one! Of course, there's no chance of getting through to anyone on the Webchat as all advisors are always busy - even first thing in the morning! So, how exactly am I supposed to access my account to change the number if I can't speak to someone via the chat?