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  • RE: Approved offshore reporting funds - actions needed?

    Hi Regarding to dividend distribution from offshore reporting fund, should I put the amount in box 5 Other Dividends or box 6 Foreign Dividends of SA100? Separately, I noticed there is certain taxable excess reported income. May I know where should I report such income - Box 5 or Box 6 of SA100? Many thanks
  • RE: ETF distribution

    Many thanks for the info. I found that funds which I invested in are found in the list of Reporting Funds. Would you mind point me to the requirements for reporting any distribution and disposal capital gain/loss on such funds? Thanks again.
  • ETF distribution

    Hi, I have a question regarding distribution from an etf which is domiciled in Ireland and traded in London stock exchange. Should I fill the distribution in form SA100 box 5 Other dividend or box 6 Foreign dividend? Thanks for your help. Kind regards,
  • Personal allowance

    Hi, Assuming I only worked 4 months from 5 December 2021 to 5 Apr 2022 in the tax year of 2021/22. My expected annual salary is gbp 120,000, but I only earned gbp 40,000 (4 months) in the tax year, For tax purpose of 2021/22, should my income fall into basic rate or higher rate? I understand my employer would deduct my payroll according to higher rate in PAYE. Would I get tax refund if my income fall into basic rate in the tax year 2021/22? Thanks.
  • RE: Self assessment for split year

    Hi, If I am not on PAYE, do I have to claim split year through self assessment? thank you
  • RE: How To Register with both Employed & Self Employed Income

    Hi, I want to register for Self Assessment while I only have foreign and local dividend income and capital gain. Should I register as Self Employed or Not Self Employed? thank you