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  • Employee dedicated satellite internet line

    One of our employee works from home most days. they have a slow, less than 10 MB, broadband connection, which is not ideal for work and cannot get fibre to the house. Our company was wondering if we, the company, could pay for their Starlink satellite internet, so that they can use for business use. Can the company claim that this is additional household expense so can the employer reimburse this tax-free? I am referring to Section 316A ITEPA 2003.
  • UK Company LTD paying a Dividend in USD

    We are a small LTD company base in the UK and make our profits in the UK. However, due to the nature of our business, we make a large proportion of our profit in USD in the UK (not made in the US, so not foreign income). We would like to pay a dividend to our shareholders using our USD and our shareholders (UK residents) are happy to receive the dividends in USD. Can a UK Company LTD pay Dividends in USD? IF so, do we only report the dividend amount in USD? Or do we report the USD Dividend but also the GBP amount using an FX Exchange rate? Which FX rate do we use, HMRC monthly rate or HMRC Yearly rate?