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  • Employment Status and IR35

    I am looking to work through a tutoring agency and just wanted to confirm employment status / IR35 - I have checked the online tool which says self employed and not prone to IR35 but alot of the questions regarding costs are irrelevant due to the nature of the work. They informed me that I would be self-employed as a sole trader but I wanted to know if that is correct and who is responsible for determining that? - Their T&C's say tutors are responsible but I believe they fit the medium/large business in terms of employee count and turnover. They will find me students to tutor via their website, provide an online lesson space to conduct tutoring and deal with invoicing the student on my behalf. They state that contracts are between students / tutors but dealt with via the website. I am flexible on how much to charge (within specific price bands), how many hours to work, where to work, how to complete the work (within an hour lesson space online) and I am responsible for equipment (i.e. laptops / power) and my tax returns etc. I am free to work for any other agency and they state that there is a contract for services. They pay twice a month based upon lessons completed, taking a fee and charging me VAT on the service they provide i.e. finding students and providing an online space to tutor. I am not sure, but they may seperate entities for invoicing / payments etc.
  • RE: Amending 2019 - 2020 Tax Return

    Thank you for the fast reply - Does this amendment count as a late return and/or only a late payment? This was due to an error / misunderstanding when calling HMRC and filing the return in the previous tax year.
  • Amending 2019 - 2020 Tax Return

    Hi, My self-employment income was less than £1,000 in 2019 - 20, so I made a note on my return and did not declare a separate section for this (my original return was filed in time and paid in time). However, agency fees / expenses slightly puts me above this threshold (by under £50) and I have recently noted that this should have been declared as turnover and a separate field for expenses - I amended my 2020 - 2021 return accordingly. I have written a letter to HMRC at the end of January which was received in early February, stating the error and asking for it to be amended. I wanted to know what interests / penalty would apply and if it will only be on the tax balance due rather than my PAYE which has been paid correctly - My taxable income from self assessment will be under £50 with a liability under £10.