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  • RE: HOW CAN I GET MY TAX REFUND BACK???? Nothing ever happens to my request online?

    Same here. Ive put in tax refund claim 3 times now. Got 1 letter saying do self assessment and I did and still no refund. I see the response above is to keep trying the helpline. Here's how it goes on the helpline AI " you should have received a reply by 19/7" "we're sending you a text- goodbye" and cut off again and again. You open the link in the text they promised you and you get directed to a chat bot "you should have received a reply by 19/7" and no option and so you go around and around in circles. If I wasn't so frustrated, I would laugh my head off as the ineptitude of the system. So, how is anyone actually getting through on the help line without getting cut off? Any tips? Is there a magic code word that gets you through without being told goodbye and disconnected? Grateful for any help as I desperately need this refund to pay my bills and its now been since 14th May 2023 since I claimed.