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  • RE: State Pension - how are full N.I. years calculated?

    Thank you for the replies SportFae, Gary and apologies for the delay - I have been on holiday. Sportfae: My wife is Australian and did a few years work here in her 20s when she was in the UK temporarily t(around 1986/87/88 ) then was in work here again after we got married in 1998, when she moved here permanently. SHe then worked fairly solidly until covid struck in 2020. I therefoe doubt that any starting credits come into the picture. Gary: The bulk of my wife's credit would have been earned in the period 1998 to 2016. I think she would have been contracted out of SERPS during that period. My biggest concern here really is that there may have been some sort of error that may or may not be working (deceptively) in my wife's favour. If I can RELY on the value shown in the pension forecast then I think I knoiw where I stand regarding whether to top up and by how much but, if that figure is based on an incorrect number of years and the figure is ultimately adjusted to compensate for that error, then that would clearly affect our top-up strategy. Thanks again.
  • RE: State Pension - how are full N.I. years calculated?

    Thank you for the reply. We have already visited the 'Check your State Pension forecast' page. It is that page that is presenting the problem and I am sorry but I don't think my primary question has been answered. Why is it that, in the National Insurance Record page it states (at the top) : "You have: 28 years of full contributions 8 years to contribute before 5 April 2029 10 years when you did not contribute enough" then, in the list of years that follows there are 35 entries of which 25 are shown as "full year" (not 28 as suggested in the header), 10 are listed as "Year is not full" and one is listed as "Your record for this year is not available yet" (and each of those states in the detail "You did not make any contributions this year"). What circumstances might give rise to the secanrio that the full years in the header apparently conflict with those listed below please? It certainly makes no immediate sense whatsoever. It just seems contradictory. Thank you.
  • State Pension - how are full N.I. years calculated?

    When my wife goes to view her pension record online it states that she has 28 full years of NI contributions yet in the list of years presented below this text, it lists only 25 years marked as full. Can anyone explain this to me please? She needs to make voluntary contributions to reach full pension and, because of this apparent contradiction, I can't be sure how many years she has to make up. If you pay "extra" NI in full years is any of this accumulated to offset against inactive years to turn them into full years or are partial years combined in any way to create full years? Also is there any way on the forecast to get it to show what she would get if she intends to work no further? The assumption appears to be that she will be working until she reaches pension age which is not particularly helpful. Many thanks.