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  • RE: Verify Identity Gov Gateway

    Unfortunately none of the above answered my problem trying to verify my id with p60 and passport. I sent an email asking for support and after a few replies got the magic answer from a wizard :) Thank you!! The answer for me was if I had more than 1 job... it maybe different for you. Hope this helps. Please see below. Depending on the option you have chosen, the answers you have provided are held on your record with HMRC/HMPO/TransUnion/DVA. Please note that the system will not tell you which answers are incorrect - it will only advise if you have passed or failed verification after you have answered both options. Due to security we cannot confirm which option you are failing but we can offer some generic advice below. Passport Please be aware you cannot use your passport to verify if you have reported a passport lost, stolen or is cancelled. You must use a UK issued passport - you cannot currently use a Visa or a passport issued by another country. Please be aware, your name must match your name held on HMRCs record. If your document or HMRC record is not up to date, you will need to ensure they are updated if you wish to use your passport as a verification option. Please see for passport or change-your-personal-details-HMRC for HMRC. Please ensure:- The passport has not expired and expiry date is entered (not your date of birth) in the correct format The name is entered exactly as shown on your passport The passport number is entered exactly as shown (9 digits) If your name contains an apostrophe and you are using an Apple device, please ensure a straight apostrophe is entered in your name.P60 P60 The P60 question has been presented as your employer has provided positive income and national insurance contributions data for a job/s you had during the 20/21 tax year. If you had more than one job in 20/21 year, try the pay figure shown in the box titled "In this employment". Please use a P60 from 20/21 tax year, if you do not have a P60, you can use data from your final 20/21 tax years payslip. Please locate the year to date or cumulative data on the payslip. To answer the Total pay question, please use the "year to date" pay figure To answer the National insurance paid last year question, please use the "year to date" NI figure Alternatively you may try GOV.UK Verify which uses 3rd party agencies to verify your identity and may allow you to use some HMRC online services.