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  • RE: Do I need to pay tax on Japan pension refund?

    I would just like to clarify, because I am in a similar situation though my pension provider was a private company, not the Japanese government: - my pension contributions and my employer’s matching contributions were all taxed income while still in Japan - pension has grown in value during the years - I am told by the pension provider that cash out of pension value will follow taxation rules of the country where I receive it; that is, I won’t be taxed in Japan but I may have some tax liabilities in the UK. Would the growth of the pension pot be tax free? Or is it only the contributions that is tax free (because they have already been taxed)? For example, if £100,000 is the total of my personal and employer contributions and the pension total value is now £120,000, do I have to pay tax on the £20,000? Thank you!