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  • RE: Rebate cheque being sent to Tax Tree

    Thats handy to know. I have now been sent a copy of the documents from HMRC and I have the same issue. The signature is not mine! I haven't been in touch with Tax Tree yet, as HMRC were not sure if the cheque had been stopped or, if not, if it had ben chashed. They said to call back after the 12th October. I am going to ring them on Monday. Nicolas, Can I ask what Tax Tree said to you when you requested the refund? Because I will ringing them and saying the same if they have cashed they cheque.
  • Rebate cheque being sent to Tax Tree

    I was today informed that I was owed a tax rebate and that I didn't need to do anything. A cheque was being sent to a company called Tax Tree. I have never heard of them. I called HMRC this afternoon and was asked if I had asked them to do a claim and no, I hadn't. I was told they had a signed form. How can I get a copy of this to compare the signature. This done at the beginning of June this year and certainly haven't signed anything. I asked if the cheque had been mailed out to them yet and was told no, so I said cancel it. Because I have read that they do this a lot and keep the money. In some cases people get bills to pay this Tax Tree, when they have never heard of them. Surely something can be done to stop people like this!! we got cut off before we had finished the conversation, But I was told to call Action Fraud, which I did and filed a report, but by the looks of the email I have received back, there is nothing they can do. Has anyone else had dealings with this company? How can I get a copy of the form I supposidly filled in?