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  • "I haven't got access to that phone" page is nowhere to be found

    PLEASE HELP I am feeling extremely frustrated as a Canadian living in Canada and trying to log into my self assessment to confirm I have not lived in the country and have no financial ties since 2020. I no longer have the UK number that my access code is being sent to and I cannot log on. I also can't get a hold of a person to change it and when I click 'trouble accessing this code' it directs me to the online tech support contact. When I call online tech support (44 161 930 8445) the automated voice said to click on the 'I haven't got access to that phone' link. I have never seen this link anywhere. I have tried the online digital assistant, searched this forum, searched reddit, and made two overseas calls already. PLEASE HELP, is anyone out there?!
  • RE: Canadian did not live or work in the UK for the last tax year

    Hi Paula, thank you so much for your response. The info you shared was really helpful & I appreciate it! Dealing with this from so far away is v stressful / confusing. Thank you!
  • Canadian did not live or work in the UK for the last tax year

    Hi there, I moved from the UK to Canada (I'm Canadian) in August 2020. Last year I filed my final tax return and thought all loose ends had been cleared up. However, I received an HMRC email that said "You had nothing to pay on your Self Assessment tax return last year. However, you still need to send us a return this year, even if you think you won’t have anything to pay." I tried to log on to the HMRC website but because I no longer have my UK number, I can't receive the access code to get in there and from what I've read it sounds complicated to get a hold of a real person to change it plus the cost of a long distance phone call. Do I still need to file a return even though I have not worked or lived in the UK since Aug 2020 and have no assets or property or anything tying me to the country other than an active bank account? Please advise what to do! Thank you.