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  • RE: N. Ireland & S. Ireland border

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Let me clarify the number of days/ UK residency question. I live in USA. If I fly to Belfast for holiday, and then drive a rental car to Dublin. In HMRC's point of view, am I still staying in Belfast such that I will become a UK resident to number of days i stayed? Am I responsible to proof that I am not in UK? Or is it HMRC's responsibility to look for evidence to proof that I am in UK? I understand the "RDR3 Statutory Residence Test" wont ask for any evidence. But if HMRC catch me, I need to defend myself. So i want to know what proof is solid enough to demonstrate that I am not present in UK. For example, if I buy something in Dublin with my credit card, is this evidence strong enough? I have alresady studied the links and all residency tests, but that didnt really cover my questions. Pls do not reply me with anymore links in the UK government website, thanks a lot!
  • N. Ireland & S. Ireland border

    There are no hard border/ immigration counter between North and South Ireland. In terms of tax residency, I need to calculate the number of days I spent in UK. I want to proof that I am a Non UK resident. 2 Questions: 1) If I drive my car from N Ireland to S Ireland, without any stamps on my passport, how can I proof to HMRC that I have left UK? 2) HMRC has a "midnight rule": how to proof to HMRC that at midnight time I am in S Ireland?