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  • RE: Paying self assessment in chunks (WITHOUT direct debit?)

    hi this isnt for an amount overdue, this is just paying my taxed owed (deadline jan 31st 2023) just want to know if i can pay it chunks WITHOUT doign a set amount each month via direct debit thanks
  • Paying self assessment in chunks (WITHOUT direct debit?)

    Hi, just wondering if i could pay off my self assessment tax owed in chunks without paying a direct debit I.e - some months i'll be more comfortable paying £500 for example, and other months i might not have earned so much and would only like to pay £50 is this possible? if i make a payment and pay 500 for example, will the system take 500 off of my amount owed? or does this have to be a fixed amount every month via direct debit? thanks
  • SEISS amounts error - showing amounts from last year that were already filed on last tax return

    Hi there - i'm getting this message while trying to complete my self assessment: "IMPORTANT: Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Grant (SEISS) The total of the amounts related to SEISS grants reported in this return (£2598.00) does not match that held by HMRC (£4687.00) at 06/04/2022. •Please go back and amend the SEISS amounts to accurately reflect the grants you received. •If you don't, you could receive a revised tax calculation after HMRC has processed your return, which may cause confusion and take you time to clarify. " These amouts are wrong - the 4867 is the amount for the first three grants that I included on my return for the previous tax year - the 2598 amount is the correct amount for grants 4 and 5 which i should be including on this tax return. What should I do? do i continue with the amounts I know are right? i don't really want another tax calculation that "may cause confusion" thanks