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  • cash isa cancellation during cooling off period

    I have a cash isa account cancelled during the cooling off period. My deposit amount, along with a few days of interest was returned to my designated bank. May I ask if the interest involved is taxable in this case? If yes, is it under savings tax category ?
  • filling foreign capital gain

    Hi, I have capital gain from selling foreign stock. Do I file it in sa106 foreign income or sa108 capital gain? I haven't made up my mind whether to use remittance basis, any difference in filing the capital gain? Thanks a lot
  • Dividend tax calculation

    Hi, I relies solely on dividend for living. If my annual dividend is 60K, after subtracting the personal income allowance and dividend allowance, are my remaining dividend taxed at basic rate, or part if it will be taxed at higher rate? In other words, will dividend raise my income tax band to above basic rate, if i am a retired person who has zero income from work. Thanks!
  • RE: Second Automatic UK Test

    Hi, Thank you so much for your prompt and clear reply. I have a following question on the definition of 'the period during which I had home in UK. I have the lease contract of my current London house started in Jul, but I only moved to UK(and therefore live in the house) from Oct. Does the period I had home in UK started from Jul or Oct? Many thanks again!
  • Second Automatic UK Test

    Hi, I would like to clarify if my understanding of the following condition 3 in second automatic test is correct "at that time you had no overseas home, or if you had an overseas home, you were present in it for fewer than 30 days in the tax year" I came to UK in late 2021, I had an overseas home only before I came to UK. So during the 21/22 tax year, I had my home initially overseas, then moved to UK. Since I had a home during the tax year and I present in my overseas home for more than 30 days in the tax year, is the above condition not met for me? My confusion is on the meaning of "at that time", whether it refers to the whole tax year or only the period I have a UK home. Thank you so much!