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  • prove identity for applying self assessment

    Hi, My Wife came to UK on 23 Oct 2021 via dependent of BNO VISA. When applying self assessment, system need to the items for identity prove UK passport Driving license Payslips or P60 Tax Credits Credit Record She have none of above item, how to get the identity prove? thanks
  • Do i need self assessment

    Hi, My wife and I arrived UK from HK on 23 Oct 2021 via BNO visa (as dependent). We have a home in UK more than 91 days, so we are the UK tax resident. My wife do not have any income since we come to UK. Based on my wife situation: 1) does she need to do tax return for the hk income from 6/4/2021 to 22/10/2021? 2) if yes, she is dependent of BNO Visa / no driving license / no credit reference. How to pass the identity check for applying self assessment online? 3)if she need to tax return for hk income between 6/4/2021 to 22/10/2021, does she only need to fill the SA100 & SA109 (only interest income but less than £500 )? thanks