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  • RE: Import academy? - Tariff Codes

    Many thanks Customs oldtimer. I'm aware of REX, but its not something any of the Italian suppliers are doing. It appears that I was charged 25% import duty has been charged as the UK has imposed a tariff! But when you check the tariff code it shows 0%, but there is an additional tariff section way down at the bottom of the page, so it would appear the HMRC has adopted a quantum basis for tariffs, such that it can be two things at once. I've only used this tariff because it fitted the description of my goods, but looking at why the 25% tariff has been charged it clearly is the right tariff. I've contacted HMRC about tariffs before and they came to same result. Unless you want to wait 6 months and pay for the privilege of of obtaining a legally binding tariff classification your are just going to struggle and loose business. So it now boils down to using a tariff checker just before you import, thereby wasting more time imputing the same information by hand three times. If I were able to use something like Customs Clear, I could input the information once and it would flag up an incorrect code. This would save time and costs if I could get a duty deferment number, but as a very small business there no hope of that ever happening. It would be simpler if could just pay any import duty then at the time. HMRC dont do answers, they just direct you back to their website. I come to understand Customs doesn't want you to know. Their webinars are often inaccurate or leave out important information.
  • RE: Commercial goods in baggage and postponed VAT accounting

    Many thanks oldtimer. They supply to me exworks so VAT is not charged. I arrange the transport to my 'warehousing' in France then only transport when goods are collated. They are then transported to UK from France under one commercial invoice I create. It may take a month for goods to arrive from Italy to UK, but this is no different from the courier service and if I go and collect myself it will arrive complete and with no surprises or additional charges.
  • RE: Imports commercial invoices attached to shipments

    They are going by fast courier. They as for this to be uploaded and then it doesn't leave Italy unless there is a commercial invoice attached. Everything is slow and there is so much paperwork. if there a problem you loose any profit you could have ever made.
  • Commercial goods in baggage and postponed VAT accounting

    I'm a small business and I want to ' take back control' of importing goods into the UK from the EU.I'm importing small items from suppliers in italy and the value of the items is relatively low in cost and weight. Ordering from different suppliers is time consuming and complex and 50% of the time there is a problem with delivery from delays and I've even been charged duty on goods of EU origin that were not delivered. My plan is to have the goods delivered to my in-laws in france. This way the supplier in italy just sends me an invoice, I pay and the goods are delivered. I' will then go to france, make my declarations and produce my own commercial invoice and make a full declaration before travelling. HMRC are typically wishy washy with their information on this, can I do this? I'm planning on using Customs Clear and this works with postponed vat accounting, do I need a duty deferment account? How do I get one? Any help gratefully appreciated
  • Imports commercial invoices attached to shipments

    I supply manufacturing plant from Italy and generally we used to have spares delivered from italy directly to our customers site. Before brexit these would turn up on time and only have a packing list and no commercial information. They now turn up late with a commercial invoice attached, which some customers open and then work out our mark up. Save having to have every item sent to ur office and then remove this before sending on again is there a way around this?
  • Import academy? - Tariff Codes

    I'm contacted a lot by the eport academy and I'm not currently exporting as it is so difficult import the goods I need for my products andthe time it takes to do this removes any time for developing new products. I've come across a problem with on import from Italy, which was late and delivery had to be chased. More documents added as the italian side didn't like the information I had given. The shipment turned up missing several parts and now I have been charged import Duty of 25% on parts I haven't received, even though the parts are from the EU. Looking at the tariff page it clearly states 0%. Why have i been charged this and how do resolve this. There is nothing on the 12 stages about this.