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  • Should I remain registered as self-employed when I become employed?

    Hey there, so I'm a little confused about my options now that my personal working situation has changed. I was a freelancer (sole trader) for about 9 years, submitting my self-assessment tax return each year. I then went full-time with a company last year, but I remained registered as self-employed at first because there was still a portion of the year where I had been self-employed, and therefore I had to submit a tax return this past April. For the current tax year, I don't anticipate doing any self-employed work, so all my earnings will be taxed at source through my employer. And I don't have any other sources of income that would need to go down on a self-assessment (e.g. pension or property) Now, I want to know what I should do in terms of my self-employed status -- feedback appreciated. 1. Am I able to remain registered as self-employed and when it comes to doing my self-assessment next April, I simply put my income from self-employment down as "zero"? Is this normal, accepted practice? The reason I ask is that while I don't expect to be doing any self-employed work in the current tax year, it's nice to have the option, plus who knows, my situation might change next year or the year after and it would save me a whole lot of hassle re-registering as self-employed. 2. If I ultimately decide that I don't want the hassle of filing a tax return each April, what do I actually need to do here to "de-register" as self-employed and just have all my tax dealt with through my company's payroll?