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  • RE: Tax Activation Code

    I've still not received our activation code after 11 days since requesting the new one, and 24 days since first registering. I'm concerned that if I request a new one again it'll just start the waiting process all over again. Is there a backlog or any issues with these being issued currently?
  • Tax Activation Code

    Has anyone else had trouble receiving an activation code in the post for their business tax account? I registered our company for PAYE 3 weeks ago and whilst I've received the PAYE reference number letter, I've still not received the activation code to add the tax to my business tax account online, meaning I can't link my accounting software to it to submit RTI. Called today and they confirmed there are no issues, but re-issued another code which I now need to wait for.
  • Running first Payroll

    I'm trying to run our new company's first payroll this week. I received our Employer PAYE reference and accounts office reference in the post and added these to our accounting software. After performing the pay run, I got an authentication error when the software attempted to submit RTI to HMRC. After some searching online it appears that this may be due to not 'activating' the online tax yet, however we've not received any activation codes in the post still. Slightly annoyed, as all of the references and documentation suggest that you only need the PAYE reference and accounts office reference to run payroll. Anyway, my question is: I need to pay my employees today, but can't get the accounting software to submit the RTI to HMRC. Can I just pay the employees and then submit the RTI/FPS once my activation code arrives? Also, is there a manual way of submitting the FPS to HMRC? I have all the payroll details, we just can't seem to get the automated software to submit it. Many thanks.