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  • Tax credit on dividends from France and Spain

    Hi, I have used my 2k dividend allowance with UK dividends for the tax year 2021- 2022. I also received dividends from France and Spain. On the broker tax forms, I can see the tax witheld by France and Spain at respectively 26.5% and 23.5%. I am a high earner and I am supposed to pay 38.1% tax in the UK. Can I claim tax relief for 26.5% and 23.5% on the foreign tax paid on my tax return? Thanks
  • Dividend

    I received a dividend paid in USD equivalent to £2500 in a single payment, corresponding to a shareholding of more than 300 shares. So in reality, it's less than £10 per share. Some foreign tax has been withheld. When computing my taxes, I was planning to break the dividend down into 2 lines; 1/ the first £2000. For these, I cannot reclaim any foreign tax withheld because there is no tax due in the UK (correct me if I am wrong). 2/ the second of £500. For these, I will reclaim 15% tax inline with the double taxation agreement and pay tax on the gross amount. Is it ok to break down the dividend in 2 lines as I did, given it's not a single share but many shares? Thanks