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  • Verificación problems

    Hi, I still haven't received Any answer , on the information provided. I am calling hmrc , waiting 2 hours , after they saying call another number, I am calling another number , the saying write to technical support, I am writing to technical support and getting links , which I seen many times and still haven't got an answer .And is like closed circle. I am applied for my UTR number over the phone for the Self assessment as I was appointed as company director, on the 10 th of March of 2022 , I now have got the letter with it. Now I need to register for Self assessment as a company director using government gateway, to activate my UTR , buy I cant do it , as the only document to verify me I have payslip , I don't have UK passport, so how do I create my personal tax account as a company director to be able to do my self assessment? I haven't had any untaxable income as a director for the year 2021/2022 , but I will be getting dividents in the year 2022/2023 , so I need to be able to create sign in details for government gateway account , but it doesn't let me without verification. So please help me to sort it. ?? There must be a way Thank you
  • Self assessment

    Hi, I have a question about filling my Self assessment for 2021 /2022 .. during this year I was a self employed, then I had 2 employments, I stopped my self employment on 1.03.2022, and started limited company appointed as director on 10.03.2022. When I am filling my tax return for 2021 /2022 do I need to add somewhere information that I am director , as until 05.04.2022 I had no any profits from company yet, so there nothing to declare from company. Do I just fill the info about profits from self employment, and 2 Paye jobs I had , and nothing about being director? Is it right ? Thank you.
  • Self assessment

    Hi , I am trying to fill my self assessment tax return for 2021/2022. I was not employed and self employed, on the section about employment it asks how much I earned gross ,and then how much tax I have already paid through PAYE. But where do I report NI contributions that have been deducted from my salary? Thanks