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  • RE: applying split year

    Thank you Is there a deadline to apply for splity year treatment for 21/22 tax year?
  • RE: applying split year

    Hi, I want to know who will decide whether I am a tax resident or not? HMRC? Myself?
  • RE: applying split year

    I believe I will be resident for 21/22 tax year under second automatic Uk test. Will hmrc notify me after I am considerd as tax resident for 21/22 or I have to contact hmrc for reporting imcomes?
  • applying split year

    Hi, I arrived Uk on 7/1/2022 and intended to live in Uk thereafter. I would like to apply split year treatment for 2021/22 tax year so that my income before coming to Uk are not subjected to Uk tax. So, when and should I start to apply for the tax year treatment? Before I do my self assessment for 2021/22 or I have to start applying right now? What about the income and cgt on the oversea part, do I still need to report all of them though I expect it should be excluded for UK tax by split year treatment? Thanks
  • RE: Share trader on NI

    Thank for your reply. In my understanding if I only trade share in my own account and for myself, in most cases all the profit made will be treated as investment and subject to capital gain instead of trade and subject to income tax. Do I still have to registed as self-employed and pay the relevant tax?
  • Share trader on NI

    Hi, if I make my living solely on the profit of trading shares, do I need to report as self-employed and pay national insurance or do I simply caculate the profit and pay capital gain tax?
  • RE: Capital Gains Tax

    Hi, if the shares are in joint acount and are owned 50/50 between me and my wife, do we have to file two separate identical self assessments individually or just one and state clear about the situation?
  • RE: Work from home for oversea

    Thanks for answering. What I want to ask is, does my wife pay UK tax first or Hong Kong tax first for her case?
  • RE: overseas rental income

    So if the tax paid in Hong Kong is zero( because of the tax allowance in Hong Kong), then the whole rental income will be exposed to UK tax as a foreign income of a UK tax resident, right?
  • Work from home for oversea

    Hi, My wife will move to UK and she is inteneded to keep her job as a secretary for a boat company in Hong Kong. All the business for the company will be in Hong Kong and she will receive Hong Kong dollar for salary in a Hong Kong bank account. Does UK government will have the first taxing right to her salary because she work in UK?