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  • RE: Repayment Pending? It has been over 5 months

    Thank you for your reply but it's not very helpful. You have failed to address the problem of the online chat facility not working in my original post. I have spoken to HMRC and was told it is going through security checks and would be finalised by 05/05/25... It clearly hasn't been finalised as I have still not received my money. Put yourself in mine and all the others position who have not received their over-payment. Would you find this acceptable? I think not, so PLEASE would you address the situation of the length security is taking? Maybe they should not pick so many out to scrutinise at once and this may lessen the delays.
  • HMRC Online Chat

    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the HMRC online chat facility?
  • RE: Repayment Pending? It has been over 5 months

    I am also in the same boat as both of you guys. Admittedly I hadn't registered for CIS but that has been done now. I sent all the relevant documents to HMRC by Special Delivery next day by 1pm. I tracked the letter and it appears to have been signed for at 4:03am which is very bizarre. I keep trying to access the online chat but for over a month now this has been having problems. I have reported it 6 times and each time received a reference number and replying stating someone will be in touch within 2 working days. Never once had a response. I find this very unfair and frustrating that HMRC are able to withhold a repayment without having a definite deadline in which to resolve any issue they have. It should work both ways. We have deadlines in which to submit our self assessment otherwise we are fined. My repayment delay is approaching 6 months. I have this years read to submit, but no point until they have paid last years. PLEASE, can you advise what I can do to help speed up this repayment? Thank you for your help.