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  • arising basis tax return for interest gain from foreign bank account

    HI, Here is my case: I have foreign bank accounts (ie 5 bank accounts in a same country) i choose arising basis in tax reporting. (NOT remittance basis) when I fill in the tax return under foreign pages F2, do I need to separate into different rows for each of the bank account (for Column A to F) or do I need to just sum up all amount of interests gained into a same row? In either case, do I need to report the bank account information like bank account number? and where should I file this information? thanks
  • freelance with foreign currency paid into UK bank account

    I am working as a freelancer for a foreign company overseas. I was then paid in foreign currency into my UK bank account ( multi currency account) in this case, do I still need to fill in the foreign pages or do I just classified as local UK income after I applied the HMRC exchange rate accordingly? Is that classified as self employed too? thanks
  • Foreign income with overseas currency

    Do i need to report the amount in gbp in self assessment if i have income with foreign currency? What is the exchange rate should i use in that case?
  • Capital tax on foreign property

    Here is the situation: I was one of the owner legally (the other owners are my other family members) of a property overseas which was given by my dad before i moved to uk. Having said that I have not get any rent from it ever since (all into my mother account, who is not living in UK and not a taxable resident in UK), am I still liable to any capital gain tax in UK?
  • Foreign income with overseas currency

    Hi, I live in UK and am working as freelance and earning in terms of overseas currency dollar (ie sgd) into my UK multi currency bank account. What exchange rate to gbp should i use when I file it as my income for tax? The exchange rate of when i received the money or the rate when I actually change it to Gbp? Moreover same question to the interest I earn from overseas bank in terms of local currency, how should i file the tax? Any guidelines? Thanks ( provided that I am choosing arising basis for tax). Thanks
  • RE: Gift money and tax

    Hi, My wife and I are living together in UK My wife is a full time house wife without working/ salary. An I correct that when I gift her cash from my saving then she is not liable to pay income/ capital gain tax on whatever amount i gift her? (Except for the future interest generated from it) Any exceptional situation? Thanks