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  • RE: Security checks

    this will be the 4th tax return 'security checks' that i have had in a row. (baring in mind each time i have been paid in FULL for the repayment request) its also meant to be 'random' but here we are 4 years later - going through the same thing AGAIN. Filled my tax return on 11th May (due to the fact they locked me out of my account, i had to wait 2-3 weeks to be able to log in whilst they passed it to another 'department' so finally when i managed to get in submitted it. I have rang today to see where my money is and apparently its going through 'security check' AGAIN, surprise surprise. I have now made a complaint and have also wrote to my local MP so that this can be investigated and looked into. Its not fair playing with peoples money - imagine if we turned around and advised we need a further 6-8 weeks. WOULDN'T be possible would it? its a joke. what is really going on?