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  • RE: 13 Weeks and counting- Payment Pending- no explanation

    Hi Jonathan, I'm in a very similar situation as well. Could you please share where you found this: 'How long will it take page' ? Thanks
  • Self Assessment 2022/23

    Hi, I am due a tax refund on the Self Assessment 2022/23. I filled my return a few months ago, soon after which I received a message confirming I am due a refund. Upon filling the Self Assessment, I already provided my bank account details. How can I check when I am due to receive the refund? How can I know if the refund is currently being held back by the requirement of extra security checks? Are the refunds processed throughout the year or do I need to wait until the 31st Jan 2024 (or any other) deadline? Many Thanks,
  • Full Time Employment Over 100k + Sole Trader

    Hi, I am currently Full Time Employed earning more than 100k/year and I am considering setting myself as a sole trader to pursue a parallel line of business. I already file a Self-Assessment report on a regular basis (i.e. I have an Unique Taxpayer Reference, Goverment Gateway ID, etc). Do I still need to perform Step 4 'Register for Tax', as defined on ? If so, how? I do not expect to reach the 'Small Profits Threshold' (£6,725 for the year 2022/23 and 2023/24), do I still need to register for Class 2 National Insurance contributions? If so, how can I do it? I do not expect to reach the VAT threshold. Many Thanks