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  • RE: Third Automatic Overseas Test

    thank you, based on the guidance, in case of full time overseas employment, remote working in the UK for this employer would be counted for the 31 days limit?
  • RE: Leaving the UK

    Thank you for your answer. To close my Self assessment record (so to prevent to have the HMRC to send the letter for 2023/2024 fiscal year), should I do something else other than sending the P85? thank you
  • Third Automatic Overseas Test

    Hi everyone, Third Automatic Overseas Test says: During the tax year in, you must meet all three qualifying criteria: You worked full time overseas You spent less than 91 days in the UK You worked less than 31 days in the UK In case I would be full time employed for a consulting company based overseas (1st criteria matched) and would spend in the UK less than 91 days (2nd criteria matched), but I would work remotely from the UK more than 31 days (so not working on UK clients, but just working remotely from the UK for family need), 3rd criteria would be considered unmatched even if I am not properly working in the UK, but just phisically being in the UK but working there just for personal need? thank you John
  • Leaving the UK

    Dear All, I am going to leave permamently the UK on the 12th of June and I have usually completed my Self Assessment. In the 2023/2024 tax year I would spend in the UK 68 days (from 6th of April to 12th of June). How I should notify HMRC I am leaving the country? If i send a P85 form to tell them, the I would need to complete he 2023/2024 self assessment in case of no UK based income? thank you 

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